ATENEM was constituted the 01rst of July 2013 as a provider of services of comprehensive care to the person, family support and accompaniments to resources or external services.

In line with the improvement in the quality of customer service, we have expanded the services to offer different leisure activities, the creation of a Social Club and a travel agency in his spare time.

Today, the society imposes on us a few rhythms of life, which does not allow us to widen our circle of friends if we don't belong to a group of leisure, cultural, educational or social in particular.

We have many opportunities with the new technologies, especially with social networks, enabling us to break down these barriers of solitude, but often not leaving us this feeling of being surrounded by many people but not to belong to any real group of friends.

What we offer

Fun, entertainment, spaces of conversation, but above all enjoy a good time and get to know people with some affinities similar to yours, to thus expand your group of friends.

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So was born the ATENEM SOCIAL CLUB designed to provide leisure activities and outputs of entertainment to groups of people with common interests and affinities, being a perfect reason to have a good time and expand your circle of friends.

These activities are intended both for the person who live in your home or the person who live in the centers.

Social Club ATENEM offers different types of leisure, depending on the individual or group to whom it is directed such as: festivals, games, walks, trips, workshops, experiences, photography, theatre, community activities, fairs, recreational and sporting activities, festivals, arts,events etc.

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ATENEM Travel Agency was constituted on 7th October in 2014 with the number of registration to the register of tourism of Catalonia: GC-003763, located in the establishment of the Secretari Coloma Street 64-68, mezzanine A, floor 4th - 08024 Barcelona -

We can offer from an activity of leisure time, with hours of entertainment, to planning from half-day to whole-day, tours from a walk to different entertainment activities every day or national or international trips with custom packs.

According to the demand and the type of group, we have a wide range of activities ranging from specific meetings of group by some interests in common, to combined entertainment packages that include transportation, hotels, restaurants, outlets bicycling, spas...

Our offerings include from one person to groups in which we value their interests as well in order to create a group with higher affinities: companies, student, senior, women, families... and personalize it with the needs of entertainment tailored to each group:

  • Health tourism: We look for places of rest and vacations that allow them to recover from stress, fatigue... or bad habits such as smoking, obesity...
  • Rural tourism: Linked to small and family hotels and with a special charm.
  • Active tourism: bike, motorcycle, sail, surf, horses...
  • Cultural tourism: guided visits to different historical places, museums, buildings, neighborhoods, wineries, food lovers...

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