VITALIA SARRIA-BARCELONA is a day centre where we offer a setting custom, emotional, inspiring and full of activities that will help you improve your well-being and quality of life.

We have a human, professional and multidisciplinary team offering a great variety of services, activities and therapeutic workshops, intended for the improvement of personal autonomy and promote the participation, strengthening interpersonal relationships.

We have a dining room and also adapted transport service to cover the displacement from home to VITALIA and upside.

NOVELTY!  Ask for our service 24 h x 365 days!!!

Don’t hesitate to request information.


Centro Día VITALIA SARRIA 1 Transporte adaptado VITALIA SARRIA BCN6
Centro Día Vitalia Sarria 7
Taller estimulación cognitiva VITALIA SARRIA 5 Fisioterapia VITALIA SARRIA BCN 4 Salidas semanales VITALIA SARRIA BNC 2

VITALIA SARRIA-BARCELONA is a Day Center, a meeting place of the highest quality, with a space open, modern, bright and equipped which can interact with other people, you can to establish personals and professionals relationships, and we have everything you need for working your capabilities.


  • Activities designed in prevention and health maintenance. We have transport adapted for accompaniment of users and external to the Centre people who request it, to doctor's offices, hospitals, administrative formalities...
    • Geriatric comprehensive valuation.
    • Nursing at home.
    • Accompanying medical visits.
  • Preventive rehabilitation activities.Physiotherapy service with training activities and specific programs for different pathologies:
    • Neurological rehabilitation (stroke, Parkinson's...).
    • Traumatology rehabilitation (fractures, joint pain, back pain...)
    • Recovery post surgery (hip, knee, ankle...).
  • Socio-educational activities. Neuropsychological rehabilitation workshops of memory, cognitive stimulation and excursions:
    • Memory workshops.
    • Relaxation workshops.
    • Talleres de comunicación.
    • Communication workshops.
    • Speech therapy.
  • Health care activities. They are activities related to everyday such as dressing, eating, personal hygiene in this activity, we have in the same Centre of VITALIA, there is facilities of modern, conditioned and adapted bathroom and shower with the maximum comfort.
  • Accompanying activities.  The accompaniments to resources and external services through ATENEM professionals is also covered. 
  • Home care activities. Thanks to the different custom packages that we offer, the people who are interested, they can enjoy these services with prices and conditions amazing! Day Centre and home care: 24 h x 365 days service!Don’t hesitate to request information. The services we offer at VITALIA - SARRIÀ BARCELONA, are flexible and adapted to the needs of each person, the stay can be with food or without.

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